Pumpkin seeds

A few weeks ago I enrolled myself in a belgian competian. Libelle, a belgian magazine, is holding a competition for the best foodblogger of 2015.

I might not have the years and years of experience but I am very passionate about food.

The magazine is giving every blogger a few tasks/ ingredients of which we have to make something. The first one was a pumpkin.

My mom bought this great big orange pumpkin last week. She made a delicious soup of it. But because I already posted a pumpkin soup recipe here I didn’t think it would be that great to post anotherone just becaus I entered a blogging competition.

So here is what I did with the seeds of the pumpkin. (You can also put them in your garden and grow your own pumpkins.)



  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Butter (or oil)
  • Salt or other spices
  • Sugar


How to:

  • Let your pumpkin seeds dry in a towel for a day or two (they should dry a little at room temperature)
  • Melt some butter
  • Scoop a spoon over 2 handfuls of seeds
  • Spread the seeds on a oven resistant plate
  • And sprinkle some salt over it
  • Put the seeds in a preheated oven of 110 degrees
  • You can also cover the seeds with a sugar and cinnamon mixture
    Instead of putting the salt over itmix the mixture of sugar and cinnamon with the seeds and put them on the plate and into the oven

Tip: Don’t leave them in too long or They will go completly dry. Leave them in for 10 to 15 minutes. The butter should be dry but not the seeds.

I hope you enjoy your seeds as a cute little snack.




Apple cupcakes with speculoos buttercream

Last weekend I really wanted to bake something but we barely had something at home to make delicious things. While stopping through the cupboard I found some speculoos and we had some aplles as well. So why not try the combo and it turend out delicious!


An aple into smaller pieces

1/2 cup of butter
Half a cup to a cup of powdered sugar
Half a cup of speculaas
2 teaspoons of room temperature milk

How to:
Mix the butter with the sugar
Add the eggs
And at the end at the flour
Mix everything very good with you mixer
Just begint pouring them in you cupcake papers add the apple and whisk with a hand whisker
Pop them in a preheated oven of 170 degrees for about 15 – 20 minutes

Make sure your butter is at room temperature
Mix/whisk it until it gets lichter en fluffier
Add the sugar and speculoos to it (might be a good idea to sift your flour, this is to pervent lumps)
At the end add the milk

Put you buttercream in a pipping bag and let yourself go ;)



5-star desserts

I was scrolling through the internet on the loukout for a new fabulous dessert and soon realised that there are sooo many great desserts that loon like you can serve them in a five star restaurt. The people who make them just don’t get enough credit for them!

So here is my list of five star desserts!


 Recipe for this one is in French and you can find it here.



You can find the recipe for this delicous 5-star dessert here


make this one yourself via the recipeyou can find here. (it is in french though)


You can give it try, recipe here.



You canfind the last recipe here.


Winter ready chocolate milk

This is everything but hard but sooo delicious! And perfect for Those cold winter days.

(I feel like I’ve only been posting things with chocolate lately.)


  • Cacao powder
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate flakes

How to:

  • Mix 2 spoons of cacao powder with 4spoons sugars
  • Put the milk (half a liter) on the stove
  • Mix the cacao and sugar in the milk and mix
  • Add a little more sugar if it isn’t sweet enough
  • Pour into you mug
  • Add the whipped cream and some chocolate chips/ flakes
  • And voilà, you chocolate milk is ready.



Delicious moulleux aux chocolate

Who doens’t like some chocolate once in a while (every dat if I can). And this super easy dessert is just perfect for your chocolate dose of the month/week/day.

It takes a bit of practise and patience (luck as well) to get these just right of the oven but when you do, they are devine!!


  • 6 eggs (3 hole eggs and 3yolks)
  • 75g of flour (plain flour is best to use)
  • 150-200gr of chocolate
  • 165gr of butter
  • 150gr of sugar

How to:

  • Melt the chocolate and butter (best to do above boiling water without the tray touching the water)
  • Mix the sugar with the hole eggs until completly mixed
  • Add the yolks of the other eggs (read here what you can do with the whites of your eggs)
  • Add the flour to your egg mixture
  • At the end add the chocolate and butter to it
  • Mix it very good, because you might see that there is still some chocolate at the bottom of you pot. Make sure everything is mixed!
  • Put is small, oven resistant pots which have a thin layer of butter inside
  • Put in the fridge for 1hour
  • Preheat your oven at 180 degrees
  • Put in the oven for around 10 to 15 minutes (prik it once in a while to make shure your centre isn’t overbaked yet
    (I usely also prick 3mm from the centre to have a better view ant the sides of the moeleux
  • Take out of the oven, eat and enjoy!

Ps: this is also very good with some vanilla ice cream or sauce!