Fruit tarts

A few Posts ago I told you how to make your own puff pastery (hard work ;). ) And here is one of the things I made with my puff pastery: fruit tarts. (With kiwi, frames and peach)

What would you need:
Fruit, the ones you prefer!
Puff pastery (if you dare and have some time you can make your own pastery with the recipe here)
Custard (you can find the recipe here)
Small tarts shapes or one big tart shape
I used some raosted almonds to top it

How to:
Put the pastery in the shape and follow the instructions on the package
(Always use some wheight to put in so they won’t rise)
When done let them cool for a few minutes and pipe the custard on the bottom
Put the fruit on it and enjoy!!



Spinache quiche

I ate a variant of this one when I was still doing my internship and turend my into a big fan of this one!

Last week I really wanted to have one again, but lets face it we can never recreate something in the same way we tasted it the first time.

So I made a spinache and mushroom quiche. Although I forgot my salt and pepper it was stel pretty yammie and easy! :D and Oh I love easy!! :D

So this one I do recommend to make!

1 package if fresh spinache
200ml of cream
4 – 5 eggs (depending how big your tin is)
Mushrooms, to your own taste
Shortcrust pastery
Pepper and salt

How to:
Bake your mushrooms until They are a bit softer (you can use just a little bit of oil)
Cook your spinache for 5- 7 min (use just a little bit of water)
Make sure there isn’t too much water in you vegetables or the quiche will be too watery
Mix the eggs with cream mushrooms and spinache
Add salt and pepper to your own taste
Put the shortcrust pastery in your pie shape
Prick it a few times with a fork
Pour the egg mixture into it
Put in te oven for 25-30min at 180 degrees

And enjoy!!



Recipe for the perfect custard

When you think about the best custard you might think it takes a lot of time and is super difficult, but it’s not!! It is v easy and quick!

1l of milk
250gr sugar
100gr instant pudding powder
40gr of egg yolks (2 pieces)

How to
Put the milk on the stove and heat a little
Add half of the sugar
Mix the rest of the sugar with the pudding powder
Add half of the hot milk to the pudding mixture and add the yolks
Add the pudding/yolk mixture to the hot milk and let it boil for 2-3 min or until it becomes a little thicker
Pouring directly onto a dish, cover with plastic foil and put in the fridge to cool

When you want to use it you can put it in a pipping bag and it is ready to use.
(Best to use within 2 days).

Later on I will give you 2 things I made with the custard and puff pastery.


Making you own puff pastry

Although the title might suggest that u advise you to make this, I don’t!

It is hard work (especially if you don’t have a kitchen aid). You have to knead, roll, wait, roll, wait! It is hard and long work! :D but also nice to be able to say that you made it yourself!

So if you have do courage and more than half a day to make this here is the recipe and later I will post some things I made with the puff pastry.


  • 600gr of flour
  • 30gr of fresh yeast
  • 24gr of water or milk
  • 50gr sugar
  • 10gr salt
  • 25gr butter
  • 175gr extra butter

How to:

The beginning of the proces is very similar to the dough of the sandwiches.

  • put the flour on your workplace  and make a pit in the middle (even walls)
  • dessolve the the yeast with the cold liquids (milk or water)
  • pour the liquids in the middle of the flour (in the pit)
  • put the sugar, salt and butter on the sides of the flour walls
  • slowly add the flour to the liquid in the middle
  • at 3/4 of the flour to the liquid and add the sugar, salt and butter
  • add the rest of the flour and keep kneeding until it comes loose from your workplace  and fingers
  • roll the pastery until it has a thickness of 1cm and wrap it in plastic and put in the fridge for 40 min
  • put the softend butter on half of the pastery
  • fold togehter (in two) and roll until thinner (+-4mm) and fold in three
  • again put plastic around and put in the frige again for 40min
  • roll out again and fold in 4
  • put in the fridge again (covered in plastic)
  • roll out and use for what ever you want it






Enjoy (the work)!


grandsma’s vanilla porridge

Here is the best of the best! I am serious I’ve been eating this since I was just a little girl looking up to my grandmother (now it’s the other way around because she is tiny). The recipe itself is very easy and it is great to eat whenever.

(I don’t know how you call it in English, but you can call it whatever ;). )

Everything is according to taste, my grandmother never weighs anything so it will be some trial and error before you get it completely right I think.


  • spaghetti, take small ones and break them in three or four
  • milk
  • instant vanilla pudding powder
  • cold water
  • sugar

How to:

  • cook the spaghetti in boiling water until al dente or a little more
  • dissolve the vanilla powder in the cold water
  • start cooking the milk, just until the boiling point, add the dissolved vanilla powder and mix thoroughly
  • when it starts to thick just a little bit add the spaghetti, add the sugar and serve
  • tip: when it is too thick just add more milk, when to when to runny just add some extra vanilla